Interlaced features The Crated collab with BonBouton x StrongArm

May 28, 2016

“Before smartwatches and fitness trackers hit the consumer market, the investments in wearable technology came mainly from the military, enterprise and medical industries. Why? Well.. while fitness buffs use these devices to track and boast about their workouts, the use cases in business settings can be far more valuable. For example, emergency workers and medical personnel could use wearables to get vital data at a moment’s notice or alerts around safety and security.”

Read the full story at Interlaced



Next Top Makers showcase at Brooklyn Army Terminal Annex

May 20, 2016

Last night we closed out the 2015-2016 Next Top Makers program with a celebration and showcase at Brooklyn Army Terminal Annex Building, the home of Futureworks NYC. The evening kicked off with more than 120 guests visiting this year’s Fellows as well as showcasers from last year’s cohort and throughout New York City. Thanks to Tito’s for the fantastic cocktails we drank through sunset, to Bronx Brewery for the four kinds of brews (American Rye, personal favorite) and to Bronx Beer Hall, our uptown partner, for a delicious spread. After the initial showcase, this year’s Fellows – Thimble, Wear.Works, StrongArm, Bon Bouton, blink blink and Dog Parker – presented to the audience. In turn, guests pledged support for the companies by way of investment, marketing, supply chain and operational help and connections. After a champagne toast, we said goodbye to the first of many advanced manufacturing events at Brooklyn Army Terminal’s Annex Building. Read more


Watch! Chris Gorges, Sarah Meister & John Vaskis talk marketing and storytelling

May 17, 2016

Watch Marketing & Storytelling: Telling A Compelling Story And Connecting With The Audience on Vimeo.

On May 11th, the Next Top Makers community gathered at Impact Hub NYC to learn about key storytelling tactics for successfully marketing a business. Led by Chris Gorges of Rocketure, Sarah Meister of Vann Alexandra and John Vaskis of Indiegogo, the group learned how to develop the right narrative, raise awareness and pitch. Check it out!