The Futureworks guide to NYC hardware, smart-tech and connected devices accelerators and incubators

October 21, 2016

Two years ago, Hackster’s Adam Benzion curated a list of the best American hardware accelerators for The Next Web. Although New York City got an honorable mention, no NYC accelerator made the list. Fast forward to today, and New York has a deep lineup of accelerators and incubators that help hardware and smart-tech startups grow. We curated all the programs from across the city – ranging from VC-backed accelerators like Techstars to government-supported incubators like Urbantech NYC. Programs with upcoming deadlines are listed first. Enjoy, and if you find a New York City accelerator or incubator that we missed, email us at greg@imaginationinspace.com.

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Manufacturing Week reflections on NYC’s complete business ecosystem

October 14, 2016

NYC manufacturing consultant and techHouse Design Studio Founder Dean DiPietro discusses the production signatures of different cities. Credit: TEP

Happy Manufacturing Week! Over the past seven days, we’ve attended ITAC’s Manufacturing Day, presented at the Design for Manufacturing Summit and lead a TEP Conference roundtable on connected devices x advanced manufacturing. NYCEDC also released a state of manufacturing report, so all-told, we’re swimming in local data, anecdotes and new relationships – right where we like to be. The number one lesson is that New York City manufacturing is a complete business ecosystem. Companies hire here, build locally, team up with local partners and are largely supported through local clients, contracts and consumers.

First the report. Manufacturing jobs are up 3.3% to 78,000 since 2011. In 2015, the average manufacturer increased its employee base by 8.1%. Moody’s economists predict manufacturing to contribute more and more to Gross City Product, especially in the food and electronics manufacturing sectors. While breweries and bakeries are leading the charge on the f&b side, wood product manufacturing is leading on the industrial side. We’ve written about manufacturing agencies like Brooklyn-based SITU responding to New York’s desire for custom interiors, lobbies, installations and furniture – a cornerstone of the sector’s 38% growth rate. On the other end of the product spectrum, computer and electronics manufacturing is growing 26.7% and paying an incredible $104,000 average wage. Read more

Apply for $30,000 Futureworks NYC Growth Initiative grants!

October 6, 2016

The Futureworks NYC Growth Initiative grants help startups like Sunhouse fund engineers, product development, strategic consultants and other advanced manufacturing essentials. Sunhouse’s Sensory Percussion drum kit is revolutionizing the instrument. Credit: Sunhouse

NYCEDC is proud to announce the second round of Futureworks NYC Growth Initiative grants for early-stage advanced manufacturing companies. If you are a manufacturing startup or developing advanced manufacturing technologies, apply! You could receive $30,000 in funding to support your growth here in New York City. No. Strings. Attached. Read more


TechCrunch on BotFactory’s $1.3 million investment round

“Their first product, the Squink, took off. They’ve already shipped 106 machines and they’re on track to ship a dozen more. The Squink is obviously a niche product – not all of us need pick-and-place machines in the office – but it’s a great start for a fascinating project. The kit uses conductive ink or solder and can place components right on a circuit board.”

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Next Top Makers Pop Up at littleBits store in Soho

October 1, 2016

Last night, some of the city’s most innovative entrepreneurs gathered at the littleBits pop up store in the heart of Soho, where six local makers showcased their newest products. Previous Next Top Makers fellows BotFactory and BlackBox Manufacturing showcased alongside Insensi, Astrohaus, StrongArm, and Dos Owls for an interactive evening centered around the established maker scene in New York.

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