StrongArm CEO Sean Petterson leads Forbes 30 Under 30: Manufacturing & Industry selections

Sean Petterson, CEO of StrongArm Technologies and a former NYCEDC Next Top Makers Fellow, was picked for this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 list. The national honor recognizes StrongArm’s dedication to keeping blue-collar workers safer and Petterson’s success in building his startup. His Navy Yard-based team is 15 people strong and plans a trio of hires in the first quarter says CMO Matt Norcia.

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TechCrunch on BotFactory’s $1.3 million investment round

“Their first product, the Squink, took off. They’ve already shipped 106 machines and they’re on track to ship a dozen more. The Squink is obviously a niche product – not all of us need pick-and-place machines in the office – but it’s a great start for a fascinating project. The kit uses conductive ink or solder and can place components right on a circuit board.”

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Interlaced features The Crated collab with BonBouton x StrongArm

“Before smartwatches and fitness trackers hit the consumer market, the investments in wearable technology came mainly from the military, enterprise and medical industries. Why? Well.. while fitness buffs use these devices to track and boast about their workouts, the use cases in business settings can be far more valuable. For example, emergency workers and medical personnel could use wearables to get vital data at a moment’s notice or alerts around safety and security.”

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Wall Street Journal features Dog Parker’s smart dog houses

“New York’s latest parking service has several intriguing features. It costs 20 cents a minute, it’s confined to the sidewalk, and it’s not meant for cars or even bicycles – Dog Parker caters strictly to canines.”

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Engadget features Thimble in Kickstarter for Kids showcase

“Thimble simplifies that process by giving you everything you need in one box: an idea, parts and the instructions to put it all together.”

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