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November 24, 2016

Fourteen thank you notes, and deep gratitude, at Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re taking a break from manufacturing this week. Instead, it’s dark meat, stuffing, mashed potatoes and a deep dish of gratitude. We asked the Futureworks community who they’re thankful for and thought we’d share.

I’m Thankful for the NEW INC community – the staff, the members. In our day-to-day, this group inspires me with their work and warms my heart with their compassion and support for one another. They’ve taught me a lot about emotional intelligence; I’ve been appreciating that more and more the past few weeks. It was so meaningful to have a group of like-minded people to commiserate, grieve, and support one another post-Election! I don’t think I could have gotten through it without them.
-Julia Kaganskiy, NEW INC

I couldn’t be more thankful for the community of “crazy ones” who are bringing Square Roots to life. Our investors who risked capital. Our team who moved from around the world to join the company when it was just a powerpoint presentation and some prayers. Our families who are putting up with our long hours. Our “farmers” who are the pioneers of a new food movement. Our mentors and advisors who are guiding every step. It’s a diverse bunch, all brought together by a belief in the power of local, real food. Thank you!
-Tobias Peggs, Square Roots

First off, we’re thankful for our absolutely awesome team at Voodoo. We wouldn’t be where we are without them, and we’re so excited to see where they take us. Furthermore, we’re thankful for having such amazing customers. They are the reason we exist at the end of the day, and nothing brings us more happiness and satisfaction than helping to bring their projects to life with 3D printing. And lastly, as engineers ourselves, we’re thankful for the growing number of young men and women who are entering STEM fields through their education and jobs. We deeply believe science and technology are our best tools to build a better future, and getting more people into these fields is how we’ll get there.
-Jonathan Schwartz and Max Friefeld, Voodoo Manufacturing

I am thankful for the ambitious urban manufacturing community.By bringing people together—connecting, communicating, sharing, asking, listening, showing, partnering— NYC is building a responsive, interactive network. I am grateful for our team at EDC and especially Greg at Imagination in Space, the man behind these Futureworks blogs, community and social media.
-David Smucker, NYCEDC

I am thankful for the supportive and open-minded communities that Poursteady is lucky enough to be a part of. On the personal level, I am thankful for the artists, designers, engineers, and creators of all stripes that we are lucky enough to count among our friends. I am also thankful for the community of business folks and organizations in the borough of Brooklyn and the City of New York working to make sure that businesses like ours continue to have a home here. I am also thankful to be a part of the global specialty coffee community. It is an industry of people that have been fun to get to know, people who openly embrace diversity and value all the human beings who contribute to its success–from the farmers all the way to the baristas to their customers.
-Stephan von Muehlen, Poursteady

I am grateful for New Lab’s team, and our community—both inside and outside our walls. I was working in a different industry when I interviewed for my job, when New Lab was a construction site. It’s been a challenging and rewarding six months since, and I am thankful for everyone who’s been a part of it. Happy thanksgiving!
-Molly Erman, New Lab

I am so thankful to live in NYC — a kind, inclusive place that has given me so much, including daily exposure to different perspectives on absolutely everything.
-Kinda Younes, ITAC

I’m thankful for Amanda and Brett and Urban-X portfolio company Industrial/Organic. While we all enjoy our Turkey, a lot of our food waste survives long after our family gatherings.  In fact, organic waste makes up one-third of U.S. landfills. That is why Industrial/Organic developed an efficient, sustainable landfill alternative to recycle organic food waste; which is not only the single largest portion of the waste stream filling our landfills, but also subject to new municipal regulations in 90 cities in the US. Americans generate 250 million tons of garbage per year; we need more entrepreneurs, policymakers, and large companies thinking about how we can minimize our collective impact.
-Micah Kotch, Urban-X

I am 100% thankful for my wife. That seems like the obvious answer, but this has been even more of rollercoaster than ever, and we’ve weathered the storm together once again.
-Andrew Zolty, BREAKFAST

I’m grateful to colleagues and friends, Story Bellows, Raj Jeyakumar and Greg Spielberg who have stretched my thinking, hosted Sir Elton John and I and made urban manufacturing accessible to more New Yorkers!
-Katey Metzroth, SecondMuse

New York City adopted StrongArm as soon as we moved in a few years ago. Some of the members of that community we are thankful for are: the Next Top Makers family, New Lab community, the ITAC team, the whole Zahn Center crew, the Barclays center, Con Edison, and most importantly all of the Industrial Athletes that have our backs as we design the future.
-Sean Petterson, StrongArm

I’m grateful for Katey, Chad, Blake, Elyssa and Roxann’s enthusiasm; daily chats with David; full transparency, support and guidance from Stacey, Lara, Sander, Jason; “no sensitivities” critique from Alison and Maisha; an evergreen vote of confidence from Miquela. I’m grateful to all the urban manufacturers across the city who opened your doors to me and invited me inside. I’m also thankful for Evelina’s endless patience in sorting out all the jargon.
-Greg Spielberg, Imagination in Space

I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with John Dimatos at Kickstarter for the last three years. He was an amazing colleague and mentor. He is also responsible for building the awesome design and technology community team at Kickstarter, which I am now privileged to lead.
-Julio Terra, Kickstarter

Hear, hear!
-Zach Dunman, Kickstarter

I’m thankful for the opportunity to shape our future here and in New York and to work with such inspiring, knowledgeable and ambitious people.
-Stacey Weismiller, NYCEDC


Cartoon: Mike Twohy in the New Yorker

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