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Futureworks Shops
December 4, 2017

You’re Invited to the 12/8 Design and Build a Lamp Workshop at Craftsman Ave


As part of Futureworks Shops, we’ve been inviting New Yorkers to learn laser-cutting at NYDesigns, build a handmade computer at NEW INC and master the basics of Arduino at Zahn Center. This Friday, Dec 8, join Founder Taras Kravtchouk at Craftsman Ave for an early-evening workshop where you’ll learn how to build your own lamp. In a world awash with apps and social media, take a break to assemble a simple lamp out of copper piping. You’ll get your hands on an angle grinder to cut metal, a soldering iron to connect piping and a suite of electrical wiring to make the lamp light up. At the end of the class, voila, that lineup of materials has become a lamp for you to bring home. The workshop starts at 5:30 and costs exactly zero dollars, and you’ll leave with a lamp.

RSVP TODAY! Code: lightmyfire

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