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Futureworks Shops
December 28, 2017

Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator welcomes a trio of Futureworks Fashion Tech Residency startups

As part of the Futureworks Shops program, we’ve been hosting pitch challenges for subsidized workspace across the city. Recently, a trio of NYC-based wearable tech entrepreneurs won six-month residencies at Pratt Institute’s Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator. Besides workspace, BF+DA offers manufacturing services, mentorship and programs designed to build financial success alongside ethical production. Based out of the old Pfizer building in Bed-Stuy, BF+DA is the city’s central hub for wearable tech and wearables manufacturing.

After soliciting video pitches from across New York, BF+DA and Futureworks NYC selected three young women to call Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator home. Here’s a quick glimpse at who they are and what they’re working on. To read a more robust rundown, head to BF+DA’s fantastic blog post. And, join BF+DA on instagram and twitter.

Olivia Burca
Wearable X garment engineer
Olivia is a designer in sustainability and technology and a garment engineer at Wearable X, a fashion tech company that brings together design and technology to create a better quality of life. In July 2017, Wearable X launched its first direct-to-consumer product, Nadi X, a line of activated yoga apparel. While at BF+DA, Olivia plans to improve the sustainability of Wearable X’s manufacturing process.

Vanessa Siverls
BUPeriod founder
Vanessa is the founder of BUP Smart Pad, a smart sanitary pad which will detect, monitor and indicate menstrual information. Siverls is a graduate of the Futureworks Incubator. During her time at BF+DA, Vanessa plans to finish a strong prototype that allows BUP Smart Pad to receive and communicate info to women so that they can better track their menstruation cycle.


Ray Fontaine
Clever Tech Digest founder
Ray Fontaine is the creator and writer behind the online literary platform, Clever Tech Digest. She calls it “Science dressed up in fashion editorial, primary research and interactive media.” While at the BF+DA she hopes to complete Clever Tech Digest volume 1.

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