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Futureworks Incubator
February 11, 2019

Welcome the 2019 Class of Futureworks Entrepreneurs

Oonmo – a modern wellness companion

New York City is as diverse in its dreams as it is in its people. And there’s no better industry to express imagination than through 21st-century hardware. The combination of digital fabrication machinery and advanced circuitry means that physical products can be as playful and creative as our minds. Smart urban dog houses? Never existed – until DogSpot. Solar-powered phone chargers designed to look like stained glass? Never heard of that – until Grouphug. Paper-thin insoles that predict diabetic foot ulcers? Never possible – until BonBouton.

Companies like these are what make Futureworks Incubator so unique. We don’t focus on a sector – pet-tech, health-tech, ed-tech, IoT – we support an entire ecosystem. In December, we introduced our 15 Futureworks Fellows startups. Now, the NYCEDC x SecondMuse program welcomes 58 Futureworks Entrepreneurs who are pushing the city ecosystem forward. That’s a lot of ideas, so check out a quick summary on each, and look out for much more in the months to come.

AnaCheza’s Automated Paper Rolling Machine (APRM)

AnaCheza’s Automated Paper Rolling Machine (APRM)

AnaCheza’s APRM is a closed-loop manufacturing technology that upcycles mixed low-grade waste paper by automating a dexterous handcrafting process.

Atelier Volant’s AV-MH

Atelier Volant Modular Motorcycle helmet is an interchangeable multi-layer helmet used for city commuting.


bioMATTERS are fashion and home products made from a composite of mycelium and bacterial cellulose.


Tool-less, easy-to-assemble furniture with embedded fasteners.

Coclaire’s Signea

A smart clip that helps industrial companies reduce hearing loss for their employees.

da~da~da’s Collection

Furniture and home goods featuring customizable digitally printed graphics by up-and-coming artists, illustrators & designers.

Effin Space’s Effin Board, Effin Knife Block, Effin Clip

A new line of cutting boards, cooking vessels and knife blocks that save lots of space in NYC apartments.


Electrobones is a hybrid acoustic/electronic percussion instrument that fuses hardwoods and sensor technology to create a multi-timbral drumming experience.

ELIA Life Technology’s ELIA Frames Font Reading System

ELIA Life Technology is a public benefits company that develops assistive technology for people who have a visual impairment.

Emrals’s eCan

An ATM for trash! People can buy crypto, cash out their crypto and get paid to recycle and cleanup.

Fited’s Invisalign for your back – 3D Printed Scoliosis Brace

At Fited, our mission is to provide globally accessible and affordable patient-specific medical devices.

Folia Water’s Folia Filter

Folia Water’s Folia Filters

The Folia Filter is the world’s first water filter that costs pennies, and not dollars.

Fortify Rehab

Fortify Rehab provides strength training devices to elderly hospital patients to prevent the physical decline from long periods of bedrest in healthcare facilities.

Furni Fit

IKEA meets Indochino: Affordable customized furniture.

Grow Computer’s GrowStrip

Digital platform for indoor growing.

Hoplite Power’s Hoplite and Hoplite Hub

Hoplite Power has built an on-demand smartphone charging network optimized to meet the mobile demands of the city lifestyle; you can choose where and when you want to power up.

John Malheiro’s iSküt

An electric scooter for both a means to travel and also as a commerce delivery system that has the potential to replace bikes and cars with its unique scooter hitch system and attachments.

Aybee is an automatic breakfast machine

Intev Technologies’s Aybee

Aybee is an automatic breakfast machine that is a combination of a refrigerated section, a dispensing mechanism and a mini microwave.

Kara Water 

Kara is an in home appliance that takes humidity in the air around us and creates up to 3 gallons of pure drinking water.


Reduce daily mental stress by ensuring you have what you need when you need it through our RFID-enabled devices.

Krippit’s Krippit High Heel Protector

A one-size-fits-all high heel protector

Lab141’s Modern Couture

For premium direct-to-consumer clothing brands, Lab141 manufactures their designs, small batch, made-to-fit, with analytics and dropship, so they can sell to any body shape with no inventory commitment.

Lazy Susan Games’s The Forger

A board game about making fake art and pretending it’s real.

LeBlam’s Le:Tech Commuter Bag

The Le:Tech Commuter series is the first gig economy-focused product line bridging work, school, and home.

Measure Twice Labs’s Origami Furniture

Cheap to-scale 3D paper reproductions of expensive home-goods for stores to sell/offer to customers to ensure the size/shape is correct in their home.

MIMiC Systems ‘s solid-state HVAC system

We are developing a compact systems for heating, cooling, and ventilation based on a solid-state heat pumping approach.

Mirror Touch

Mirror Touch is an AI and computer vision-based system of automating design and manufacturing that allows easy access to individually-tailored hand-focused products using only a photo of the one’s own hand.

Modos Furniture

Modos is a modern, modular furniture system that’s tool-free and handmade in the USA.


SNOWLITE is a fully disposable ORGANIC-MINERAL-MAT that dissolves five or more inches of snow, over 60 sq. ft, with no shoveling and no cleanup afterward.


Empowering the mind with neural devices and neural apps.

Nickle Industries’s KCB (KeyChain Bag)

A modern, planet-friendly keychain bag that is intended for everyday use.


Rainsaber is a science fiction-inspired umbrella with drivers, speakers, batteries and LEDs to create the best weather defense in the galaxy.


Oonmo is your modern wellness companion through a simple app-based hardware device that grounds you through personal vibration and sound.

Pansofik’s multi-function sensor suite

A portfolio of IoT sensors that measure air quality, monitor building HVAC system performance, measure and record water and energy consumption.

Parametric Design Solutions’s office chair design

A way of manipulating materials and fabrics by optimizing and engineering geometric patterns.


PillSafe is a smart pill dispenser that prevents the misuse of psychotherapeutic medications through a time-controlled pill release mechanism.

Pinnies.Life’s Pinnies

Refresh your back in a snap! Express your style and bring whole new look to your backpack.

Plusminus – The Magic Container

A totally familiar–but entirely new–self organizing magnetic container for the home and kitchen. Unbreakable, anti-slip, and effortless to keep organized. It’s the container that organizes itself.

Pneuma’s Purpose

Purpose is a 100% organic sanitary hygiene line of sanitary pads, tampons, pantyliners and wipes.

Praxis Manufacturing

Praxis Manufacturing is a next-day delivery 3D printing service for professional engineers & designers.

Red Matter Labs’s RepOne

RepOne is a personalized weight room automation platform for sports teams.


Reflx is the snapchat-like video-booth mirror that lets retail and nightlife guests play, create, and share videos with custom on-brand AR filters and motion graphics.

Robo Duels

Fight robots through the Internet for cash prizes.

Rubitection’s Rubitect Assessment System (RAS)

Rubitection’s Rubitect Assessment System (RAS)

The Rubitect Assessment System (RAS) provides caregivers with a low cost easy to use reliable hand held tool for early bedsore detection, prevention, and management to help save lives, improve the quality of care, and reduce costs.

Sembient’s Sensor Platform

Sembient accurately measures the location and duration of human activity to tune the physical layout of the office, optimize the spatial allocation of work activity, minimize energy use, and create a frictionless and productive employee experience.


Automated sewing technology for clothing factories.

Sinai BioDesign’s The Elude Catheter

A novel neurovascular catheter design for use in treating brain vascular malformations, with significant improvements to existing devices currently used.

space ink’s Healing Geometries

HEALING GEOMETRIES spans from psychosomatic practices to design products – where the mind-body connection is guided by geometric configurations with a collection of geometry inspired wearables included.

Steel Caliber’s Better Beet Tap System

Two faucet beer tap that allows for two beers to pour at the same time.

StSh Corporation’s Short-Term Storage Housing (“StSh”)

Designed to offer secure package delivery retention and a new and reliable channel to optimize delivery services and reduce costs.

Studio Wé’s Furniture for Collaboration

A furniture system for the workplace that provides upgradable, sustainable, modular spaces for ideal collaboration.

Team Mobot’s Mobot

Team Mobot leverages teams of physical robots that use computer vision to QA iOS and Android apps on real devices generating screenshot-by-screenshot reports for each case.

UNOV’s Ichor

Ichor is a non-Newtonian fluid that acts as a supplementary to current Kevlar bulletproof vests, allowing them to become provide extra protection to the wearer.

The VOLTA | AEGIS is a SMART Energy-Storage & Environment Management System

VOLTA Reserve Power – The VOLTA | AEGIS System

The VOLTA | AEGIS, a SMART Energy-Storage & Environment Management System (SEEMS), is a battery system appliance supplying emergency backup power for risk mitigation, renewable support and power resiliency.

Wearable Media

Wearable Media delivers smart clothing and accessories line, focused on quality and sustainability, that includes easy-to-use customizable electronic components, and an APP that can modify the lights and sensors in the garment.

WearWorks’ Wayband

Wayband is a wearable haptic navigation device for the blind and visually impaired that guides users to an end destination using only vibration.

WeRadiate’s ThermoSensor

WeRadiate’s ThermoSensor tracks key compost indicators ensuring health and quality of compost piles through data technology to minimize odor, pathogens and comply with environmental regulations.

ZON Products’ Room Kits

A plug and play suite of smart-home products with embedded Voice AI of choice that lets you convert any home into a smart home.

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