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June 4, 2019

City Hall & SBS Launch the Manufacturing and Industrial Innovation Council

On May 20, the Manufacturing and Industrial Innovation Council (MaiiC – pronounced, “make,” get it? 🙂 was formally launched, in partnership with NYC Small Business Services and City Hall, to support and grow New York’s manufacturing and industrial sectors over the next decade. This effort is a step towards fulfilling the City’s commitment to continue to invest $24.6 million to improve the industrial business climate, increase the capacity of the industrial sector, and help to enhance and upskill the existing 450,000 industrial jobs in New York City by 2030.

The Executive Board will work with MaiiC to help direct the resources of this Council and work hand-in-hand with three Advisory Committees being launched for (i) Production, (ii) Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution, and (iii) Infrastructure and Utilities. These Committees are open to industry stakeholders. We highly encourage you to get involved and make your voice heard!

MaiiC’s work has four primary goals:

  1. Organizing: Building an active, organized constituency to unify industrial and manufacturing businesses and elevate practices of high road employers.
  2. Talent: Partnering to co-develop solutions to ensure there are reliable talent pipelines and upskilling resources for industrial businesses.
  3. Policy & Regulation: Working with City government to address challenges and create industry stability.
  4. The Future of Industry: Facilitating a transition to Industry 4.0 — automation and data technology — and related changes in workplace culture in order to minimize the pressures of disruption.

If you would like to learn more about MaiiC and ApprenticeNYC, which was launched last year offering employers a pipeline of vetted industrial and manufacturing apprentices, we encourage you to visit the MaiiC website.

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