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August 22, 2017

TechShop Veteran’s Story

In partnership with General Electric (GE) and the VA Center for Innovation (VACI), TechShop provided a transformational program that awarded 3,000 free one-year memberships to U.S. military veterans. In addition, participants received professional instruction, hands-on training, and access to TechShop’s world class workspaces, machines, tools, and a supportive community of product designers, developers, and engineers. The Skills Development Program at TechShop is sponsored by GE and VACI to encompass advanced manufacturing, upskilling, and entrepreneurism.

The program has been an incredible success and enabled thousands of participating veterans to build their dreams by providing full membership privileges and access to our workspaces. TechShop has seen vets use cutting-edge training and equipment to become more competitive in the job market and pursue their own entrepreneurial goals.

TechShop has acted as an incubator to countless veteran-owned businesses, including PuzzlePax, Three Rivers Gastronomy, and Graven Images. In recognition of those interested in skill development but still serving the United States in active duty military, TechShop provides a discounted membership of $95 per month.


Veteran memberships were created in this partnership.


Veteran-owned businesses have launched from various TechShop locations during the course of this program.


TechShop locations across the United States have made it possible for military veterans to develop skills for the evolving job market.


Free job training, membership to world- class technology.

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